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How the body stores energy as fat

Obesity means excessive body weight. This imposes unnecessary strain on body's various systems especially the heart, circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems. Obesity results when the size or number of fat cells in the body increases. When a person gains weight, these fat cells increases in size and in number.

Obesity itself is a disease as well as breeding ground of numerous other dieases. Obesity can lead to Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Arthritis. Moreover it results in mental dullness, depression and lowered viatlity.

The most common cause of obesity is overeating and person who avoid physical work or exercise. The problem is not just too much food but also the wrong type of food taken. A diet composed of excessive oil, ghee, spices, starches, sugar, refined processed food products, pastries, ice creams, aerated drinks and non-vegetarian food leads to excess weight.

Pentup mental energy, unfilled ambitions, desires and even a person who eats quickly and in excess leads to obesity. It is almost impossible to reduce extra fat by exercise alone. Exercise helps in burning fat by using the energy. By a combination of sensible diet and regular yogasana, one can reduce weight reasonably better than by exercise alone. A diet based on natural grains, fruits and vegetables leads towards correct body weight and good health.

Obese people suffer from glandular deficiency, i.e. their glands cease to function correctly leading to mental, emotional and hormonal imbalances. Even disturbances or imbalances in the functioning of the thyroid, adrenal or reproductive glands, lead to obesity.

Body mass index (BMI)

claculation shown below gives how much obese you are. If a person is weighing 70kgs. and his height in 1.72 mtrs., 70 divided 1.72 squared.

70             = 23.66 Normal
1.72 x 1.72

Body mass index (BMI):
22-24          : Normal
25-27          : Overweight
28-30          : Obese
31& above : Mordibly obese

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