About Naturopathy

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This is the only therapy where you can become your own Doctor

Naturopathy - Nature Means Attitude, Cure Mean Treat.

Body is to be rejuvenated with same soul just as old temple is reconstructed and to fight against germs with some roof, same colour, some land.

Nature Cure says: Man himself is responsible for his own disease. Man violates the law of nature i.e. wrong eating, wrong thinking, wrong breathing, wrong working schedules, wrong life-style. We should enforce ourselves to do right. Nature cure says stop the food of the diseased person, body vitality becomes strong and fight against germs. If you feel weak when fasting take rest.

General body weakness

Boil fig in 1 cup milk. Eat fig and drink milk

Headaches of any type

Rub jaiphal over forehead.

Calcium Deficiency

Take sunbath for 15 mins. a day i.e. between 6-9 am or 4-6 pm. Drink 2-3 glasses of H2O cold compress on head before sunbath..


10 mins Cold hip bath
Mud pack
Abdominal pack


1. Foot immersion in Epsom salt 1-2 tps for 20 mins.
2. Steam Inhalation

Fasting is adviceable for detoxification of body. Fasting is of 1 day or 2 day or 3 day or 5 day or a week fast. Fasting to be done in different ways.

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